Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Info 69: My new blog - Lederhosen, sailor suits etc

I always thought about Lederhosen and now I've created my 2nd blog called

   Sailor suits and Lederhosen Film Blog

featuring boys, girls, men and women in historical clothings, especially sailor suits and Lederhosen (short leather pants) of the 19th century (but not limited). The blog is still under construction but already has some entries.

Blogging, including research takes a lot of time and I will also continue this bib blog, but can't post 2 entries a day and probably run out of films in some weeks or months and can only post then occasionally some content. Interesting that I find more and more bib scenes by coincidence in films where I had never expected or that I own for years but never noticed. But research is more and more difficult and time consuming.

But I hope you will also like my other blog and I could find another interesting or even exclusive films. I will also add this blog to my blog list and link list.
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