Wednesday, August 24, 2011


German TV romance starring Gaby Dohm
-Year: 2010
-Year in film: 2000s
-Country: Germany
-Who in bibs: women ~36 ys, 67ys, men
-Available on DVD: no ?
-I own: yes, TV recording
-Bib occurence: low  
-Rating:  4/10 
-Rating: ****
-Comment: I think that are at least 2 different women in bibs (Anna Schudt as Leni, pictured left in beige farming bibs) here repairing a tractor also driving with it, and I think this is Gaby Dohm in blue non jeans bibs (pic right). Also men in coveralls. Also boys and men in Lederhosen and girls/women in Tracht Dirndl (I have added an entry also at my other blog). Plot: A hop farmer falls in love with a stripper (Christina Hecke as Sophie, I think pictured right on left). Also starring Elmar Wepper (right in the middle). A modern Heimatfilm / drama / romance. Also appearing younger girls with pigtails. I think not yet released on DVD.
Update: I have just seen the rebroadcasting completely and updated the text above. Some scenes with the blond young woman in those beige bibs (back and front) but I don't like this film. Too few farm scenes  and too few bibs/Lederhosen scenes (at the end). Also showing some short dramatic scenes and flashbacks of the childhood of a male actor ~30 years ago showing some kids (non bibs).
Setting and plot are quite good, but I watched most parts of my recording at fast speed, because they are boring to me. Perhaps someone will like some scenes, also showing the stripping woman at work. But there are a lot of better film. So downgrading from rating 5 to 4 (for bib scenes).

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