Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Books 9: several, webfinds girls in bibs book cover


I search for new bib books. (Searching Google Books, some pages, but found no good books, then bookshops).

I found "Moon over Manifest" with a 12 year old girl in 1936, also boys in bibs. Parts can be read online. Quite good things like frog hunting in bib overalls and barefeet. Perhaps someone who like girls in bibs will like it.

For search for a farm book (Ghost of Five Owl Farm, probably without bibs) I found a interesting blog about 80s young adult books with good cover images.


He, or I thik she also has other blogs # 1 (blogspot) and 2 (wordpress). Perhaps someone like this book or picture above. Weird patchwork bibs. I found some books depicting young girls in bibs (like "The Hokus-Pocus Dilemma" by Pat Kibbe, "Isabelle Shows Her Stuff" and others I forgot), but I'm not interested in those. Newer editions often not showing bibs and probably the text is also without them.
I will continue searching and will order at least one bib book but will take a while to receive and read.
I hope it is allowed to reblog this image, I found no restrictions. Will be copyrighted by the book publisher anyway.

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