Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Soldiers (1985 + 2003)

Short films of brothers in WWII
-Year: 1985, 2003
-Year in film: 1941
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: boys Evan/Willie ~9 + Pete 19 ys  
-Available on DVD: yes (remake)
-I own: no
-Bib occurence: often
-Rating:  6/10
-Rating: ******
-Comment: 2 short films (1985 pic left, 30 minutes, Huckleberry Fox, left with Christopher Kowanko) and (2003, pic right, 40 minutes, Jonathan Furr, right with Ben Allison). 2003 film aka "William Faulkner's Two Soldiers" after his short story won an Oscar (for short film). But I don't like this remake. Original film has more and better farm/family setting and I prefer acting of those actors (rating 6-7, remake rating 5-6). Huckleberry Fox also in light blue bibs and shirtless or with sleeveless shirt. Weird plot of the younger brother going to a recruiting station. There is a DVD of the 1985 version, but I don't think that this was officially released yet on DVD (perhaps on VHS?).

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