Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bandits (2001)

Crime film starring Bruce Willis
-Year: 2001
-Year in film: 2000s ?
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: boy ~10 ys ?
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: no
-Bib occurence: low ?
-Rating:  2/10
-Rating: **
-Comment: A boy in patterned red bibs (pictured), I don't know his name. I don't know this complete movie and assume few bib scenes. I also don't like those action films at all nor those non-jeans bibs but add this for the sake of completeness. Nominated for 2 Golden Globes, Rated PG-13. Working title Outlaws. Also starring Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett. 

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