Thursday, August 4, 2011


Alternative annual kids' carnival (Cologne)
-Year: 2009
-Year in film: 2009
-Country: Germany
-Who in bibs: girl, boy ~12 ys
-Available on DVD: no
-I own: yes, partly TV recordings
-Bib occurence: low
-Rating:  4/10
-Rating: ****
-Comment: A teen girl and a boy of Cologne (pictured) in obviously selfmade non-jeans bibs /stage costumes. Boy in shortalls. Girl in the middle probably also bibs or pants with suspenders. I found this on my DVD recorder as I had to delete something as the harddisk if full. Perhaps someone like this and most people, at least outside Germany don't know this show. Kids are acting like a stage play with short funny scenes and also making music and dancing or performing. In 2009 this broadcasting called for the first time Kinderstunksitzung (years before "Kinderstunk und Ziegenbart"). Scene is called "Siehst du aber doof aus!" (You look crazy). The kids are staring at a young woman in a red dress who walks up and down. There is a clip on YouTube but without this scene. There is also a pic on the web with the woman on a website of a Cologne newspaper (Google image search Kinderstunksitzung). I don't have the complete show on HD but I think on a DVD but have to search. I think most of the time they are sitting. I think the years before there are more kids in similar costumes but I only have some few VHS recordings. In the 1980s I remember a similar show with kids from Mainz, I think called "Jugend in der Bütt".
Pic below is from "Kinderstunk und Ziegenbart" (2008) from a Ziegenbartsitzung. Surgery with plumber tools. I think the kid on right is a girl (hard to tell, short hair and high pitched voice.

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