Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Info 65: Google image search

First: Since some time the Google image search has a different look. Some say that there are more pics and better results. But I mostly find some pages together on one or two pages. Some of (my) images (although exclusively on the whole web) I can't even find at all. I will now try more other search engines.

I read also interesting things about SEO (Search engine optimization) and how to optimize your pics and site to get more traffic or higher rankings. But I don't really need this. It's a niche blog however. But it's still interesting and weird what images can be found and which can't. Also search with different language text result in different image results (on top). And interesting that a Russian search engine has more hits/links to my site than Yahoo and Google image although I have no Russian texts.

Also a weird posting delay. It's displayed in my dashboard that Huck Finn 1939 should be my last entry. But I created 2 later entries which are displayed below that. Much problems recently, but could be worse. None posts are lost. Other (free) blog hosters have similar problems and limitations.  

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