Saturday, July 16, 2011

Info 61: Update "Papa Was a Preacher" DVD+book

Update: Film (also girl in bibs) + DVD available + novel.
Alyene Porter: Papa Was a Preacher (novel, 1944, New York Times bestseller), film 1985. Aka. And Papa Was the Preacher. German DVD title: "Immer diese Porters! Eine Familie sorgt für Wirbel" (released 10/2010).

This is my favourite farm film, featuring 8 kids (boys+girls) partly in bibs + other actors and real farm work (my rating 9).
I wanted to buy the novel and searched for title and author and found mainly the film and vice versa. I discovered, that there is also at least one girl in bibs. And I never had expected a DVD with this completely different title, also different German title. So I ordered both novel and DVD. I assume only German language, not sure about subtitles. There is a VHS in English, probably no DVD yet.

There are 2 or 3 book editions + paperbacks (1944, reprint 1950, 1979), not to be confused with the 1954 stage play, book by John McGreevey, partly also just credited by Alyene Porter. I don't expect much of the illustrations by Janet Smalley and I'm even not sure if the novel mentions bibs, but who knows.
Film is set in 1950s, but novel was published in 1944 and I think is set in the 1920s. Spanish title Papá era predicador.

Novel is autobiographical (Alyene Porter was the youngest daughter) and her dad was the preacher and founded the methodist church in this town in Texas.

I have updated the film entry, see below (incl pic of girl) and will create a new entry for the book when received and read (parts of it).

I will finish the book "The Summer of the Crow" shortly, next book to read, I already own, is Honkytonk Man (my favourite film).


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