Sunday, July 3, 2011

Info 57, Story 20: Boarding school Schloss Einstein

I've updated entry Schloss Einstein as I've seen the complete DVDs (which are available, first 3 episodes of season1-6). I still have to check hundreds of other older episodes which I recorded on VHS and DVD during the last 13 years, but this will take a while.

First additional episode in bibs I discovered is ep. 2 showing Paula Birnbaum as Iris in dark blue shortalls (pictured). Although she is overweighted I kinda like her. She has a warm heart and I think never did anything real mean in this role. Also other good actresses, partly with pigtails, light blue bibs and coveralls.

Also funny plot in this ep. 2: Iris in bibs showing Nadine (pic on left) in the bathroom how to brush her teeth and the girl acts like a robot or Iris' big doll.

There are also 2 kids in dark blue coveralls (I think Romeo and a girl in season 4) and some men in working bibs. Some few farm content in season 4. And for fans of Lederhosen 3 boys (Otto, Romeo and Dennis), I think at season 4 with Emily singing and dancing Heidi (see my Lederhosen blog). I found no boys in bibs except for firefighter bibs (not on DVD) and coveralls. Interesting on DVDs are the extras, showing how the kids look like some years later.

I like boarding schools. Would be a lot of fun. At least if your are not bullied. See main entry for another pics and info.


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