Thursday, July 28, 2011

End of the Spear

Adventure film starring Chad Allen
-Year: 2005
-Year in film: 1956/1940s (bibs?)
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: Young Steve 8 ys
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: no
-Bib occurence: medium ?
-Rating:  5/10 ?
-Rating: *****
-Comment: I think this must be Chase Ellison (Mysterious Skin) in blue bibs. He was nominated for  a Young Artist Award. This is the 2nd of 2 films I found at the Christian company who released Papa Was A Preacher. I don't like those "rainforest and tribes movies" including violence (PG-13). I don't know this complete film and have to check it. True story about missionaries in Ecuador. Ellison played the young "Chad Allen" so probably those flashbacks are set in the 1940s (IMDb tag), while the main plot is in 1956 (?) I don't know how much are those flashbacks (and the bib scenes). I assume that the boy doesn't change his clothes in the rainforest. Rating 4-5 for now.

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