Tuesday, July 12, 2011

De rode zwaan

Dutch Disney fantasy film
-Year: 1999
-Year in film: 1990s (bibs)
-Country: The Netherlands
-Who in bibs: Jacob ~12 ys ?
-Available on DVD: yes *
-I own: yes
-Bib occurence: often
-Rating:  10/10
-Rating: **********
-Comment: Rufus Heikens in raw denim bibs (pictured). I think this is the best non-US bib film so far. No girls or other actors in bibs, but other good scenes. First the bib scenes.
He mainly wears bibs or just shirt and underwear. Very good bib scenes, multiple dressing/undressing scenes, dressing on while wearing wet underwear then running with one suspender hanging on his back. Bibs are sometimes worn a bit baggy and the color is a bit lighter than usual raw denims but I would still call them so.

2 swimming scenes with the boy and girl, first at the beginning, which is a flashback of the 1930s, both in white underwear, later in other underwear. Also 2 romantic scenes including kissing and pulling gently on her pigtails.
Half of the film is set in 1990s and dealing about a grandfather-grandson relationship. Fantasy scenes with tree people, partly medieval and with ancient Roman soldiers (2000 years ago) and fish monsters. Bib scenes also in fantasy world (except Roman).
Some funny scenes, like peeing at those tree man and a fish monster seeing a cook chopping off a fish's head while time is frozen. But also some scary scenes.

I like this movie and rate even 10, although I don't like some of the fantasy scenes and of course it could be better, more actors in bibs, more scenes (from behind) etc. But have to give 10.

Famous novel by Sjoerd Kuyper. Film (aka The Red Swan) was produced by famous Dick Maas and Laurens Geels. No trailers webwide.

There was a DVD and VHS release in 2007 (Dutch language only). I've read that there were problems with the classification organization Kijkwijzer that didn't accept the rating AL (=rating G) printed on the DVD covers and missing icons for violence and fear content. I don't know how this ended. Perhaps that's why the DVD is (currently) not available (in new condition). But could also be simply sold out.

I don't want to use more pics than necessary for Disney films. There are better scenes but I decided using this pics showing Jacob (both pics) and Neeltje (Sanne Himmelreich) with pigtails. His hair is a bit wild on the right. Short hair in 1930s scenes, I think there both same actors. Perhaps I will also buy the book, which is available in different languages. The title is about a wooden (and living) red swan which Jacob had to find, but I don't want to tell too much of the plot for those who wants to see the film.


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of this film before, it looks great! Shame it seems to be out of stock right now. I really do love this blog. I think I might know a couple of ones you don't but on the whole you seem to know most of the ones I know plus many more I had no idea existed!

Admin said...

Yes a perfect film. Very rare, even in used condition. At least a used VHS is still available today, perhaps also a DVD somewhere.

I still have some film entries to come, but of course always interested in good movies.
I don't like all actors and films. Some are very young. And I also check your blog.