Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carry Me Home (2004)

TV Coming of age film
-Year: 2004
-Year in film: 1947
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: girl Carrie ~13, 3 boys ~10,12,15 ys, men
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: yes DVD
-Bib occurence: often
-Rating:  7/10
-Rating: *******
-Comment: Ashley Rose Orr aka Ashley Rose as Carrie Ann (left pic on right and right pic middle with pigtails) in blue bibs, film brother Harrison Chad as Brian (left and right pic on left) ~11-12ys in light blue bibs baggy and very worn with white paint spots (pic right) and color faded bibs (left), black boy Dajon Matthews as Lijah (right pic on right) in brown non jeans bibs (suspenders) and teen boy Nicholas Braun as Zeke (pic below) in very baggy blue bibs. Also a young man in extremely baggy bibs and another man. Bibs seem to be very authentic partly well worn with holes. All actors showed from all sides (mostly not from behind).

Finally I got this DVD for which I waited many weeks. First I thought the tomboy is Brian as Carrie doesn't look like a tomboy to me. But she acts and dressed like a boy and hates dresses. She first had longer pigtails, then cuts her hair. Medium bib occurence of her, as she wears also dresses and baggy jeans. Brian also sometimes in very baggy jeans. Zeke always in bibs. I don't like face and haircut of Carrie and Brian. Best for me is Zeke.

The film is good, but could be better. Plot is a bit weak. They just live in 1947, her dad is dead and mom has a new friend. Farm setting but not much farm work. More dramatic and some violent scenes than romantic scenes. Characters a bit like "Some Things That Stay", only the girl is a bit younger. And no skinny dipping. Some good or very good scenes, also with the girl. She wears bibs and dress at the same time (see link to earlier post) and has her bib of her overalls down showing parts of her bra. As the bra is too tight for her under the dress, Zeke said she should take it off. Mad man Charlie pees in his bibs. Carrie kicks Zeke in groin or stomach and he also kissed her while sleeping. Although many bib scenes I rate only 7-8. Well done, but not like The Waltons.

DVD is RC 1 (unusual for old films most are RC 0), English subtitles for hearing impaired. Also Spanish language. Extras mainly 16 behind the scenes pics. Could also be better for 2004. Rated PG-13. No trailer to embed. See also


 Edit: Film is c) 2002. IMDb: 2004. But not sure when and how long filmed. So Girl might be 12 or 13. Zeke looks older than 14 on most pics.

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