Friday, April 15, 2011

Info 18 - High-res images - gadgets

For those who haven't noticed, I've  added new higher res pics as a slideshow of "De Tuin". I also tried some gadgets at the bottom (Pagerank/week, added popular posts/week and expanded popular alltime posts to 10 including thumbnails. It's interesting, also for me, how even the alltime posts sometimes changes within a day. Also good for new visitors.

I also thinking of adding more hi-res images or even videos especially for rare films/series that aren't available on the web. But  I fear to get into trouble and that this blog could be deleted. Some video and broadcasting companies seem to be very strict, eg. there are not even trailers for Disney films. Any suggestions?

I thought for add votings, but I only saw one multiple choice gadget. And I don't think that I should add this. What should I ask? Do you like men or women? Light or dark bibs? Tight or baggy ones? That's all a matter of taste. And everything could better told by commenting. Any suggestions?

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